Saturday, 19 November 2011


I've heard so much about this "hidden gem", how whimsical it is, great food, cool beats etc but after one visit I couldn't DIS-agree more. First impression, it's dated and needs a good cleaning. Fabric swinging from ceiling is like a teenagers bedroom, chalk board menus are not convenient (Come on, is it so hard to print on a piece of paper or hang one behind the bar?). I have no problem at all spending money on good food however, portions are embarrassingly small, charcuterie is sliced paper thin, house made hummus excessively garlicky, spiced almonds mushy (could have been served warm as an improvement), house pate over salty and all were way too pricey for portion sizes. Wine menu was a bit heavy on the Cab's, the food doesn't pair with their offerings. Service was average and I am being polite. I had good company with me for the inaugural visit but @ $150 for 3 glasses of red, a martini + above mentioned food "samplers" not entrees is too much. Nope won't return and wouldn't recommend it.

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