Friday, 23 December 2011

Simple Holiday Treat

Looking for a simple dish to "WOW" your guests give this 15 minute elegant dish a shot.

It really couldn't be easier, the ingredients are simple to find in any grocery store and are as follows:

2 Uber-Fresh Salmon filets, about 3-4 lbs each (from a fish shop);
2 cups course salt, I like Kosher for this;
2 cups brown sugar, I use Turbinado it has a less sweet more molasses flavour to it;
1/4 cup of white pepper;
1/2 of a fresh ground nut meg; 
2 oz. vodka, vermouth, absinth or any clear alcohol you like, but nothing sweet;
1 good sized bunch of fresh dill.

Mix all dry ingredients together, that's the cure.  Coat one side of the salmon with a generous layer.  Cover with all the fresh dill.  Sprinkle a liberal amount of the cure on the other salmon filet.  Splash your alcohol of choice over the filet with the dill on it and then flip the salmon with the cure on to the one with the dill, head to head, tail to tail in a glass dish.  Cover with Saran wrap.  Place a flat object on top of the filets and weigh down with 4 large cans.  After 48 hours in the fridge remove from the container, rinse ingredients off with very cold water and pat dry.  Slice paper thin on the bias and serve on thin wafers or rye bread and add a sauce made of sour cream, dill, lemon juice and grainy mustard.  Enjoy

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